October 16th, 2008

twilight v buffy

Twihard rant and life updatage

My Uncle John has a new ad for his music store and it's here if you're interested.

I'm definitely going on SPRTE as I paid the conference fees on Tuesday. Cannot back out now. I'm hoping that work will take it well as I haven't handed in notice of leave yet. I don't want to quit in order to go, so I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Ummm... what else is going on? Tuesday was such a beautiful day, I went to the beach in the afternoon after I'd ridden home from uni. Then I had a gin and tonic with my dinner and it was lovely sitting watching tv during a warm evening drinking G&T.

I cannot seem to get my hands on the Susumu Hirasawa cd that I want. Amazon doesn't sell it and neither does Hirasawa's website. So I've ordered one of his cd that IS available. I listened to a couple of tracks on youtube and they sound good.

Finally: What the hell is with Twihards relentlessly comparing Twilight to Harry Potter?? And thinking it's better!? No, it isn't. And I'll tell you why. Note, paragraph points are underlined.

The characters in Twilight do not evolve. There is no character development. You could argue that Edward and Bella both become better people over the course of the 4 novels, but this is simply not the case. They already were good people at the start of Twilight. Bella was already generous and selfless (*cough*), demonstrated by moving to Forks to give her mother space and not wanting to draw attention to herself. Edward already had self control in bucket loads, demonstrated by him not tearing his classroom to pieces on that first day he met Bella. What actually changes in their characters? They find out about each other's love and properly fall in love? That isn't character development, that's a plot point.

Conversely, characters in Harry Potter develop. Hermione ceases to be quite the bratty know it all above everyone else and turns out to be fiercely protective of her friends, using her knowledge to help them. She goes from being a straight-down-the-line do gooder, to bending and breaking the rules when she deems necessary. She becomes less self obsessed and is an important ally in the war against Voldemort.

Which brings me to my next point. There are proper battles in HP. Meyer, in Breaking Dawn, builds up this tremendous expectation that all hell's going to break loose and it ought to be pretty interesting because of all of the different powers and characters involved. But then everything is resolved because the two (seriously, only two??) most powerful fighters the Volturi have managed to amass over their centuries of power mongering are no match for Mary SueBella's awesome trumps-everything power that she only just managed to get control of yesterday in order to protect everyone. I think one person died and the reader has no sympathy for her anyway. Then everyone dissipates once the Volturi decide to go away because no one could possibly trump Bella's power. What a BORING battle.
Other potential battles in the Twilight series include the werewolves, which we never actually see because they chase each other off into the forest and then comes back out afterwards. I will concede to the battle at the end of Eclipse. But that's one. One out of four.

On the other hand, Harry Potter is full of battle. In every book there's some kind of challenge that Harry and his friends have to come up against and some kind of battle that he must face. The suspension is drawn and JKR delivers. In every book. That's seven out of seven.

OMG EDWARD IS SO BeAuTiFuL!!!11! *sigh* he's beautiful because SM says he is. And this makes him a Gary Stu. As Meyer has said time and again, she wrote these novels because of a dream she had about a sparkly vampire. Edward is the most awesometastic fantabulous amazing boyfriend/husband in the whole wide world and his only character flaw (it isn't portrayed as a flaw really) is his bipolar disorder. Bella's only character flaw is her clumsiness, and even then it only gives Edward the opportunities to be her shinning white knight in armour as he comes in to rescue her.

The characters in HP get so whiny sometimes. All of them have been very obtuse, dense, jealous, etc. They seem to me, to be possessed of some character depth. They are not wish-fulfilling characters. In fact, Harry really bugs the hell out of my with his emo whining sometimes. But I know that JKR constructed him that way and I can deal with that. I have much more trouble dealing with "perfect" characters.

If you want to gouge your eyes out and wash your brain with steel wool, then go watch this.
In response to it I say, HP had romance, action, gorgeous mythical creatures (in fact, it had SO many more mythical creatures than Twilight could spit on!). Then it claims "Twilight has so many characters too." The clip lists Jasper, Emmet and Edward... *facepalm* Yeah, HP had so many more than that. All of which gave me the impression that they had lives when they weren't next to Harry, Ron or Hermione.

I could go on, but I'll leave it at that for now. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed reading the Twilight series. It kinda felt a bit like a PWP, only, maybe a RWP (for romance). It was a light easy read and because it was written in 1st person POV, it was very easy to insert myself into the story as Bella and get all that love and attention, and still be humble and modest. I think that's why a lot of readers love it. Because they substitute Bella for themselves and it's easy to do that. Because Edward isn't described in specific appearance terms, fans can insert celebrity-crush-of-choice whenever Meyer says he's "beautiful". It's an easy, light read that doesn't step on anyone's toes. Twihard fans step on toes though, when they blindly insist Twilight is OMG tha best booook eva!!1!