October 17th, 2008

Claire classy

Hair Cut Today

I had a hair cut today. Just one. I figured having only one hair cut, instead of all the thousands a-top my scalp would be sufficient.

Before work I hit the Garden City hair salons for prices and ended up going to one of the cheaper ones, but I felt good about it because a girl at work recommended it after her friend had a good experience there. Now my experience is a good one too. I didn't really know what I wanted, cept just above my shoulders/below my jaw and layers. This eldery fellow cut and styled it and I was a bit anxious because he didn't look too confident. But he was methodical and I ended up with a great style. I guess it must have been all his experience working in my favour. :D

I've had bad cuts before, when I have something in mind and it translate horribly because it doesn't suit my face and is unmanagable. But after cutting my hair, the fellow was giving me tips on upkeep (that were as easy as combing it after washing) and how it's a pretty fashionable kind of look for this and that reason. So I'm very pleased with it and wish I could provide photos, but that will happen once my camera's been returned to me (I left it at Cath and Jud's wedding reception and Malcolm picked it up for me).

Graeme came over tonight because he thought tonight was the Terminator movie marathon night (it's next week), so we ended up watching Iron Man instead, as I bought it the other day and hadn't yet seen it since it was released on DVD. So that was nice, watching a movie together. Cuda can be rather annoying when he wants attention though. I put up the small partition to keep him out of the lounge room, but he would bark every now and then when he wanted in. :P