October 19th, 2008

firefly betrayal

Late Night Discomfort.

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Yesterday was busy busy. I had work from 9-1, then this prayer afternoon with Clare and some girls associated with MCU (past and present MCU-ers), then Boyd's party. His party was pretty good. Cint and I were on time - that is, early. But that was cool. It wasn't much longer until many others arrived and then Malcolm danced with me ^.^

It was a pretty fun party, chatted with people, did some dancing. But I had plans to get up early this morning so Cint and I left (relatively) early. However, as the aforementioned information under the cut kept me up for the next 2hrs, my early getting up plans were shot to hell. So I sent a txt msg to Celeste letting her know I wouldn't be coming in the morning and slept in a bit this morning.

I like the new The Killers song. It's streaming at their website.
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