October 20th, 2008

me fighting

I'm video-blogging this!

It's my very first video blog thing. I recorded it on my camera, transferred the file to my computer and then uploaded it. I don't have a webcam, so it's the next best thing. This doesn't mean I'll continue to video blog, I think I'll stick mostly to written stuff as I cannot justify video blogging mundane things (but I an justify writing it instead)

Oh, and the t-shirt today was co-incidence. Hah HA!

Now I'm going to bed. Good day!
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Wisdom tooth #left

It's out! Tooth number left.
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My dentist ran me through the procedure, but I was still surprised by how quick it was. The most painful bit was getting the numbing injection... so it really wasn't that painful in the end. As soon as she was satisfied that I couldn't feel anything, she grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled it out. I didn't feel a thing, so I was surprised when it took less than a minute and all of a sudden she had my tooth! She asked me if I wanted to keep my tooth and I said that I would.

Teeth are funny things. What are they made of?? Methinks it's time for some wiki trawling on teeth. :D Teeth number right is coming out next Monday. Fun times!! :D

Also, my mouth feels incredibly weird. In particular, my lips. My lips are pretty sensitive. In fact, just yesterday I was thinking about it. How when I'm unsure about my food, I bring it to my lips to test texture, heat, that kinda thing (which is probably a weird thing to do). Like, I was eating dry weetbix, but one looked a little wet, so I touched it with my lips (not my fingers) to see whether it was dry or not. It was dry. So anyway, not my lips are numb and it's WEIRD!! That is my point.
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Second vlog

This is my second vlog that I created and uploaded this afternoon. It's a bit of a continuation of this rant here a couple of entries back.

Finally finished season 5 of The West Wing. I watched it this evening guilt free. Y'know, the kind of guilt free feeling one has when they don't have to be working on assignments instead. Coz it was handed in this afternoon. WHOO HOO!!
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