October 23rd, 2008

V sad

Not as bad as all that fuss!

This morning was depressing. I didn't want to do anything because everything reminded me of the terrible group assignment. My class this afternoon had Katy in it, and I was dreading facing one of the group.

But it didn't go too badly. In fact, I talked to her afterwards and I left with the impression that there was still work to be done. They'd only written dot-points in my part of the script and the powerpoint still needed work and it wasn't so bad that I hadn't been there. She confirmed my suspicions that, because they'd spent the previous hours bitching about stuff, when they finally talked to me about it, I was on the sharp end of their stick.

So, it wasn't as bad as all that.

But it makes me a bit angry that they treated me like they did. That wasn't right.

In unrelated news, a cd I ordered from amazon.com arrived today. That was prompt! I am slowly rebuilding my music collection from the "purge of '07" of illegal music I owned. Now I'm trying to get it back legally. I also bought 3 Muse cds on Tuesday to add to the collection. ^.^