October 25th, 2008

Dr Who smug

Terminator Movie Marathon

Tonight was the Terminator Movie Marathon. 15 people ended up showing, which is A LOT, especially for my small lounge room. I had moved some furniture around so that one of the spare beds (my sofa bed thing) was in the lounge room and my bookshelf was in the study instead. This created 4 extra seats. So there were 10 seats and many pillows for others to sit on.

I bought a bunch of stuff to make pizzas with and even made a profit that I have put towards bus trip (I expected that all the food may end up being $10 a head and it was just under that). With the donations from Cathy and Brett-and-Tara, I now have enough money for it! Yay! Thank you Cathy and Brett-and-Tara!! :D So we all made our own pizzas - which were very yummy! And we watched all three Terminator movies.

I ended up buying the movies because the first 2 are classic and I figured that I should complete the collection by owning the 3rd as well. But the 3rd one is the worst of them. :(

It was a lot of fun! The guys helped move my furniture back before they left, and now I'm left with the task of cleaning up the kitchen. It's mostly putting stuff into containers in the fridge and washing up. Some washing up was done in the process of the evening - thank you to everyone who helped out there!! So there's not bucket loads to do. But it's late and I have work in the morning. I don't believe I have anything on during the afternoon and evening though, so I think I'll do some chores and go to bed early. Particularly as I miss out on an hour due to daylight savings starting middle of the night Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I'm glad I can have people over. I'm glad that I can extend that hospitality. It's nice hosting things. Also, thank you to Alys and Heather for giving me a big hand with cleaning/preparing foodstuffs \(^.^)/

List for my own reference:
Alys, Ian, Malcolm, Lorin, Remy, Josh, Matt Day, Jacinta, Sarah Miller, Jeremy, Dawn, Cathy, Ben, Boyd and Sarah-Ann. I believe those are all who showed up. Not all stayed till the end and a few came later.