November 5th, 2008

dr horrible status quo

Gratuitous Election Post

That thing is still going pretty well in my head ^.^ w00t!

YouTube doesn't like me. :( I made another vblog, I even editted it (oooooooh) but it refuses to upload.

And I made my Christmas cards last night. I think they're rather pretty. And they were simple to make too ^.^

I'm watching the race on the TV at the moment and it's interesting. Each side is hoping that their guy will fix things for the better. And while things are definitely going to change whichever guy gets in, I think people are putting too much hope in their guy. Both of them are going to make changes that the other population is going to raise a big fuss over. One of the conservative Christian blogs I read is very, very Republican. But as they're an organisation, for some reason, they can't endorse one candidate over another. So they're been making it an issue vote, and their issue is abortion.

I'm certainly pro-life! But there are other needs in your country too. I think universal health care and big economy reform are needed too! I'm not for any particular candidate. I've heard too many arguments one side or the other and in any event, it doesn't matter anyway as I'm Australian (and proud of it!).

I think that ultimately, politicians will let us down. We can put all our hope into the next new government, but it's never going to be right. My hope is in Jesus. The ruler who is right for the job and will make things right again. He will put an end to social injustice, to everything wrong in this world. I cannot seem to get excited about a new politician (even in my own country) because I know that they're never going to do things exactly right. They're always going to fall short of Jesus' standard.

I'm proud to be Australian, and in the same way, I'm also proud to be a Christian (meant in the resident-of-heaven sense of the word). Because my government will not fail. My King KNOWS me and acts in my best interest. He is powerful and awesome and just! Yay King Jesus!! :D

*chuckle* yay!