November 14th, 2008

willow sad


So I'm just about to print and hand in this assignment that's been stressing me out for the past couple of days. There is a high likelihood that I may fail this unit and as I told Dad at the beginning of the semster, if I fail another one, I don't want to continue Education. That does NOT mean I am trying to set myself up for failure, and I may actually continue regardless of what I said, but I'm nervous and about to hand it in anyway.

*sigh* Maybe I'll never be a teacher. Just so long as I don't fail that damn science unit. If I fail that one, then there is no option of continue. I wont be able to continue education. Blah, I can't type very well right now. Tired and pumped on coffee. Nervous. Glad to almost be free. Feel like I'm going to be sick. Anxious. Almost free. Reaching. Stretching towards the goal. Towards bus trip. No more exams. Almost
I should pray

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