November 16th, 2008

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Kid's Church and Australia

Today was a my last day at WSCBC kid's church. It's been a great three and a half years. I've learnt a lot about teaching there and it's been a great blessing to teach children about Jesus each week.

This week we learnt about how we're united with Jesus in his death and resurrection, and that new life makes us citizens of Heaven. We live on this earth, but it's kinda like an Australian taking a holiday in America - we don't actually belong there. I told them about what kinds of benefits Australian get from their government and how when we visit another country, if something bad happens, our government will still look after us because we belong to our country. Josh asked me what God would do if we're in trouble and I told him that He already helps by giving us His Spirit. Then he asked; what if we were in a hurricane or earthquake and we died, what would God do then? I told them that if that happened, we would finally be home.

Christians are like aliens and strangers in this place. Things are not right. It's like being Australian, temporarily living in Iraq in the middle of the war. Everything is wrong and we want to go home - but we can't yet. The laws are strange and don't seem right or just. Surrounded by people who disagree. We're living there, so we have friends and we love them - but we still don't quite belong.

Anyway, the kids were actually a bit excited by that idea of going home. There was a very nice feeling in the room when I said that.

Doing Kid's Church has helped me become very Gospel minded. Especially in the last term, every lesson I did needed to directly link to the good news of reconciliation with God through Jesus. There's a saying that I've heard through AFES that's shaped my motivation in what we learn: The first generation believe the gospel, the second assume it and the third deny it. If we start assuming that people know the gospel, then they will just assume it. But then the next generation will deny it. So instead of assuming that the children know the gospel, I've been teaching it to them. Each week we go a bit deeper into what it means, what the ramifications are - but always the Gospel.

Anyway, all this talk of citizenship at kid's church reminded me of the upcoming Australia movie. I'm looking forward to seeing that! I saw a spot on 60mins interviewing Hugh Jackman about it. They showed snippets of the movie and various reactions and it looks super good. I am very excited and it makes me feel a bit patriotic! Which I think is weird for Australians. We're proud of our country, but too apathetic to be patriotic... if that makes any sense. :P