November 17th, 2008


Controversial topic: homosexual marriage

I've been debating abut whether to post anything at all about this issue and I'm probably going to be the recipient of hate/flames, but I've stayed in my corner on this issue so far - only spoken out once on someone else's thread, I'll probably regret this, but here goes:

If there were a referendum in Australia for the legalisation of homosexual marriage, I would vote against it.

This is a loaded statement and I want to follow up by what I don't mean.
- I do not want to take any other political action regarding this. I'm not going to stand up and fight against it.
- I have nothing personal against gay men and women getting married and if it passes, then good for them :)
- I do not expect the law in Australia to conform to God's law. Nor to I expect everyone in Australia to follow it either. God has given us freedom to obey or disobey as we choose. I do not want to take away that freedom.
- I do not hate homosexuals as I have friends that I love dearly who are.
- I do not want to impinge on their rights, though I know my conscience vote would have that unfortunate consequence. I would rather let my voice be heard than throw in a donkey vote as everyone else who supports it has that right.
- I do not feel that my marriage (not that I'm married, but if I were) or the marriages of my friends are threatened by the inclusion of homosexual marriage, in the same way that I do not feel it threatened by the divorce rate. Each marriage involves two unique, individual people who have a responsibility to work at it. People are more than marriage/divorce stats.

I also want to provide the reasons why I would do this and I know that many people disagree with me on this for many different reasons:
- I am a Christian and before I follow any laws of anything here on Earth, I follow God's laws. I am a citizen of Heaven before I consider myself a citizen of Australia.
- I do not believe the Bible condones homosexual behaviour as seen in 1 Corinthians 6:9, 1 Timothy 1:10 and Romans 1:26-17 and because I follow God's law, I cannot vote against it.

I have heard so many opinions from both sides of the argument and I understand most of the points people make, which is why I've swung my hypothetical vote so many times. In the end, it comes down to my conscience and my free will to submit myself to God's law. I vote this way because I submit myself to God's law. Not because it's threatening the definition of family (or not), not because it's harming children (or not), not because it's all about the love (or not) - or for whatever other reasons I have heard. I know gay couples who are filled with love for one another and that's excellent that they have the freedom to share in that together in this country.

I know that I will be called a bigot, intolerant, hateful for this. I have before and I will in the future. But with everyone else voicing their opinions on this controversial topic, I feel that it's only right that another opinion is heard. Not because I want to convince you to vote my way - not in the least! I want people to vote according to their own consciences! That is most important. And with that in mind, this is my conscience, my reasons and what I don't mean.