November 22nd, 2008

Hiro facegrass

Bustrip Prep

Tonight is my last at home for the next 3 weeks. I am going to Sydney/Canberra for SPRTE and mission. I am being driven over on a bus with just under 40 other people on it. I will probably not sleep much and I may have one or two opportunities to update when I can.

Today was a rukus. There was a meeting in the morning to sort out logistics for bustrip, I had to leave just before we closed in prayer :P because I was nervous about getting to work on time. It took much less time than expected, but I made up the extra minutes by trawling the car part for a spot *sigh* It was SO SO busy! I was put into jewellery and personal care (of all places) to make up for lack of staff. But they'd have been better off without me as I know NOTHING about those areas. I can do clothes and shoes. That is all. It was so busy that there was a line at my register by the time 5pm came around and I spent the next 10mins trying to get through them quickly. Then another woman had the gall to join the queue 5mins into this shop-has-closed, get-customers-out time. So I told her to piss off (well, I asked her politely to go to the late register :P). So I finished work 15mins late, but I will call up soon as I can and get my hours adjusted on my roster.

In between parking and starting work, I bought a new four piece luggage set because my current suitcase is super big and I was told too big for bustrip. So I needed something smaller and didn't fancy my chances and finding something to borrow at such late notice. I also needed a bag of sorts to carry on to the bus with me. A small suitcase and bag would have cost more than the 4 piece ($80). So now my carry on bag is packed up, but my suitcase has a while to go yet. It didn't help that it rained today and my washing is still a little damp. :P I have made my lunch for tomorrow (salmon sushi) but have no morning/afternoon tea to share. I have fully intended to make jam slice, but if that is still going to happen...

My entire cd collection has now been ripped onto my computer and is stored on my mp3 player. Finally. I think that is all. Finish packing and sleep for me now. :)