December 14th, 2008

Buffy bored

Back home now

Back home from bustrip. We arrived in Perth at about 2pm yesterday, cleaned the bus COMPLETELY so now it's totally clean! clean clean clean. Rowena came and picked me up, I had enough time to check important emails and dump my stuff before heading to the beach. Beach was SO GOOD! I was pretty tired from lack of sleep on the bus, but I hadn't had a shower in 2 nights (sounds better than three days) so it was so very refreshing to be pummelled by the waves; to be washed clean by the salt water and choppy water. I don't think a bath or shower would have done quite the same thorough job. To alleviate all you worrying about how Kat gets clean, I did have a shower afterwards with soap and shampoo. I made a pasta bake for dinner because it's easy and does not require effort. It also means I do not have to worry about lunch for the next few days. Yum! Then I went to bed at 10 and slept SO WELL! Today I need to unpack, do laundry, clean house, find cat.

Apparently Atticus has not been seen by Heather for a few days. I am not yet worried, but last time Atticus went missing, I wasn't worried until too late. So my track record with not getting worried isn't so good - boo to me. I will pray and continue to call for him.

Mission on bustrip went pretty well. I met tibbycat and spally and they are both very cool people! People that I would enjoy meeting again IRL. Yay! I had heaps of fun.

I probably ought to get ready for church and put on a load of washing before I go. *dies from apathy*
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Rhett Butler smug

Beach today!

Today was so hot! I did some vaccuuming, put on the laundry, tidied the lounge room and will do more tomorrow, but at 3ish, I was fed up with being in the house and headed to the beach with Boyfriend and his brother. Beach was SO GOOD! It was just the right refreshing temperature, the water was clear and the surf was good! Boyfriend and I also made a seat and sat on it until brother wanted to leave, which was early - because he's bored easily and is weak. *chuckle*

It was a really nice afternoon! I don't know when I'm next working - I think probably Wednesday as I seem to remember getting a couple of days after bustrip to recuperate. If I'm not working, I think I will continue to beach it and clean