December 16th, 2008

Anya loving


Everyone should call me Miss Sappy McSappikins. Today I will see my boyfriend and I'm very much looking forward to it. This makes me sappy. On one hand, I want to bash my head against the keyboard for being so pathetic. On the other hand: Boyfriend yay!

I wrote out a bunch of Christmas cards this morning and when I have addresses, I will send them out. Alternatively, I'll drive around Perth and deliver them personally because it's more fun! I haven't done my annual cookie bake and I do not think it'll happen either. It's a bit overcast today, but the weather report is saying 27-29, so it ought to still be hot enough for beach. Beach! yay!

I need to buy something for Male Parental Unit. Mum and Laura are done, now Dad. *thinks* *brain breaks* *no more thinking* What does one buy Fathers? Maybe I'll take a wander around the city and see what I can find. Boo.