December 18th, 2008

Hiro facegrass

*facepalm* moment

Kat's inane thought for the day: when wandering around Myer while at work, I noticed we sell pie makers. I want one of those! But I shouldn't buy it because I'm trying to save my money and it'd be dumb to buy such a cool thing for myself; selfishly hoarding cool cooking things! I know, I'll buy it for Josh, that way I'll be able to use it all the time anyway. Man, it's good to have a boyfriend!

...I am such a dolt! *rolls eyes at self*

Yesterday I was cheerful happy worker and today I was tired, just-get-through-the-day worker. Boo. So tonight I will go to bed early, take my multi vitamin and hopefully energy will be up again tomorrow. Also, Miranda's birthday is tomorrow. I should buy her a present!

Edit: I remembered another thought I had at work yesterday. I all of a sudden became very angry at Santa and parents who lie to their children about his existence. How on earth do you expect to maintain integrity with your children when you're pulling them into this lie!? What on earth justifies telling it? I asked a girl at work and her reply was that it makes Christmas magical. As if receiving a bunch of presents from your parents isn't magical enough! In other words: it's an excuse for the holiday that ignores and covers up the REAL reason we are celebrating. Jesus!

So I am NOT a fan of Santa. He is a horrible, disgusting lie and parents are fools and liars for encouraging the atrocious myth.