February 6th, 2010

shinobi love

Last Night, She Said,

On Monday, James invited me out to dinner. No big deal, he's taken me out to dinner before. On Thursday, he paid the stamp duty for the car he bought on Tuesday, which caused a lack of funds available to take me out. Still wanting to have a nice evening, I volunteered to make dinner for us instead. He felt that because he'd asked me out, he still wanted to take me outside the house. So he made a fruit and chicken salad, and we headed for Kings Park.

There was sufficient light to see what we were doing with the food, and apart from the choice of cheese in the salad, it was really nice to spend time with James looking out over the city. When we'd finished, we packed up and put it back in the car and went for a walk along Fraser's ave (which, if you ever visit Perth, is THE tourist spot to go to after dark because it's VERY pretty). On our loop back around, heading towards the car we stop at a particularly lovely vista of the skyline. James seems moved by the nice time we've had, tells me he loves me. Then he says that he wants to always love me, gets down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I said yes.

He had bought me a ring too! It needs to be resized, but I wanted to put it on anyway. So he put it on my finger and we hugged and then fireworks from this completely separate event on the foreshore started going off. For seriously, it was perfect timing! So we watched them and continued walking to the car once they'd stopped.

when we got home, James called Dad to properly ask for permission and let him know that we're now engaged.

We're going to announce properly to family, respective churches, friends etc. So this entry will probably be friends locked until Monday-ish. Hopefully we'll have covered most people by that stage. But yes. That is what how James proposed to me!