February 8th, 2010

Kat sketching

Ukulele and Other Thoughts

For a combined birthday/Christmas present, my Uncle John gave me a ukulele. This is pretty exciting! Though, I didn't really pick it up until today. I had a couple of free hours this afternoon and decided to sit down to learn how to tune that thing and watch the instructional DVD. There's a little tuning whistle and my brain has trouble grasping when the note is the same - though I got the hang of it after a while. Then I learnt some chords and basic songs. THEN I went on the internet and found some sheet music for some hymns. I also searched for a list of other chords on the ukulele and learnt two new songs with new chords.

Chord changes are a bit slow, but it's only my first day. It was way easier than guitar, maybe because my once-broken wrist wasn't quite so challenged at reaching around the neck. My finger tips are a bit sore now though.

In other news, being engaged is nice. There are some nice fixed details and I've been putting my energy into random things that I enjoy. I went to a paper shop on Saturday and picked out paper for various invites. Then I made dummy versions of said invites. I intend to make them all myself - with the help of some friends over an afternoon :D

A friend knew of a second hand wedding dress shop and I hope I can track it down so that I don't end up spending $$$$ on a dress I'm going to wear once and have sit in my cupboard forever more. I had actually thought to myself that I would like to cut it up afterwards and make it into a quilt to preserve the fabric into something useful.

Hanging out with James has been really casual and relaxed. I can tell him anything. He really is my best friend :)