February 13th, 2010

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The Wolfman and Invites

We went to the movies last night as Narnie (James' maternal grandmother) gave us some money as an engagement present and told us to go see something. We saw The Wolfman. As I HATE horror films, this was actually quite a good 'horror' film for me to see. There were some pretty gross things in it, like, intestines spilled over and men losing arms and legs when they're bitten off. But at the same time, it was all a bit over the top in a somewhat funny sense. For example, at the start of the film, the werewolf is super duper fast and you can't see him properly and then BAM!! You're dead. But by the end of the film, you can see him when he runs and he kinda looks like an actor in a suit trying to run really fast. Which isn't very scary at all. I'm a sucker for suspense, so at times when I'd KNOW that the thing the film is being all suspenseful about, is going to be innocuous, I'd still get jumping when it was revealed. This was all very hilarious for James, whose shoulder I was hid behind and hand I would firmly clasp when things were tense. I quite enjoyed it though. Big fans of horror wouldn't, and people after decent plot, characterisation and such wouldn't. But I was after a good, tense action film and it delivered. And I rather enjoyed Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt.

Last night, before having dinner at Narnies (before the film), I printed the invitations to the engagement party. I was highly excited at this. I quickly stuck Narnie's together and she received the very first one. All the others will hopefully get done by this morning. I think they look quite pretty and am rather proud of them. Hopefully I'll take a photo of it and post it here.

Heather's been chatting to this nice man from Queensland and he's flying here today and they're meeting. They're chatting over the phone and email have been going really well so I'm rather excited for her. I really hope today goes well. I've been praying that she'll find a husband, and this is looking quite promising!!