February 24th, 2010

Claire sweet questioning

Ethical dresses

I don't want to spend $thousands on a wedding dress. It is a ridiculous amount of money. I had thought that I would order one from China. But that feels quite unethical because they are RARELY original designs. The whole point of them is to recreate a designer's dress and sell it for cheaps.

But it feels a little bit like stealing because the design is stolen and people are making a profit for it. But is this feeling right? Is this actually allowed? Cheap knock-offs have been around since forever anyway! Is it legal? Is it ethical? HELP!

I write this while listening to music I downloaded legally from Ukraine (so probably not that legally given it's doubtful that the original artist got any money for it). In a global community with conflicting values and laws; given it's not illegal in Australia to buy a knock-off dress from China, how do I navigate these waters?