March 15th, 2010

Claire young glasses

Keyboard Clean

I should have taken before and after pictures, :P However, you will just need to imagine a really dirty and gross keyboard with crap in the gaps, and then picture a lovely beautiful keyboard that has been cleaned to look new!!

I unscrewed the back of it, took off the top half and put it in my kitchen sink with hot soapy water. Then I grabbed my tweezers and poked out the keys. I scrubbed the part behind the keys and found, to my horror, waaaaay too much cat hair was hiding behind there (Atty will no longer get pats on my desk). I then put it on the dish rack, and scrubbed all the keys individually to make them clean again. I put them on a teatowel, patted everything dry and put it back together again. I used a towel to get in all the gaps before putting the face on the electronic half to make sure there wouldn't be water damage. And now I am typing this all up for you!

It's so nice to type and NOT feel like I need to go wash my hands before I do anything else. And it's so nice to use a keyboard that LOOKS nice and doesn't bring SHAME to my desk and computer! *happy sigh* Now to get on with my lesson planning.