April 17th, 2010

Dexter smile

update and rants

Not much to report on. I intend to give little updates, but knowing me, they'll probably turn into big updates as I remember things I want to write down.

I saw Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade last night again. Collapse )

In other news,
- James is totally wonderful. But you all knew that already ;) Today we've been together for 5 months! How time flies! OMGoodness it's the middle of April - how quickly has the year gone so far! We're already a third of the way through!! :O
- Uni is plodding on by, I have two assignments due on Wednesday that I haven't started. But they're not hard at all and I expect to have drafts of both by Sunday.
- Parents are coming down Sunday evening as Mum has an operation on Tuesday. She's not unwell - it's elective surgery. But it should help improve the quality of her life, so we're all hopeful.
- People are pairing up and it's very exciting! I'm sad I wasn't happier about this kind of thing when I was single. I am disappointed in my past-single-self.

Uuuum, the end :D