April 18th, 2010



This is an entry to archive, because I think I may link back to it from now on.

I get that lots of stuff about Christianity existing involves taking pagan/surrounding cultural things and twisting them for their own ends.
I get that Easter/Christmas coincides with pagan holidays not because of a weird coincidence.
I get that Christianity has been taken down by mysticism and incorportated myths to make it more palatable to the masses centuries ago.
I get that people try to bend it to fit social and cultural perceptions at the time.
I get that the Catholic church sent crusades to take back Jerusalem and that was wrong.
I get that the Bible has been translated many times into many different languages. Did you know that the current English translation is taken from hundreds/thousands of manuscripts in the original languages and is better than 98% accurate when it comes to errors? Did you know that none of the errors actually have any huge theological implications for evangelicalism?

I will add to this list as things that people want to lecture me about increases.

I am not entirely ignorant of these things!! If you're bringing it up as a point to support your position, or to provide illumination on an issue - great! Fine! But please desist lecturing me about it as if I didn't know!! It's incredibly frustrating!!

For example, in a recent discussion: explaining the grail myth by putting it in context of similar myths already in existence that had been christianised was helpful. Expanding on how the Catholic church has done that in many other ways is NOT helpful. Particularly when it comes around every holiday. If you'd like to post on YOUR blog about how you love the Germanic pagan winter solstice holiday Yule (or whatever), then go right ahead. But lay off my post about how much I love Christmas.

Don't take this personally. This rant is a result of hearing "blah blah the church sucks blah" too many times!
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