May 22nd, 2010

Anya loving

Marriage Seminar Conversations

Last night James and I went to a marriage thing at his church. I feel like God is changing my attitude to that church, which I'm quite glad of. I still disagree theologically with many some of things they do, but I'm more willing to see them graciously and lovingly, which is great!

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On Thursday we went out to celebrate six months together. James was stressed because his work went late and we needed to cancel our reservation at this restaurant. But while he was having a quick shower, I made a reservation at a place I knew would be open later, and did my best to be as charming and cheerful in order to cheer him up, so he could have a good time. And making that decision not to be annoyed, and to devote my energy towards his benefit, actually made me love him more. Which was a very curious thing.

Today holds in store:
1. morning tea with Anna and her other BMs to discuss kitchen tea business. I'm looking forward to hanging out with the girls and making progress for Anna. I imagine it would be a little stressful for her as her date is coming up soon and she works full time. So yay!
2. lunch with James, Matt and Cheryl. Matt is doing our ceremony and we'll be meeting with Matt and Cheryl for marriage prep stuff. I'm looking forward to that too. Matt and Cheryl are way awesome and have are quite open about their relationship at church, so I think they'll be great to learn from as they model marriage well.
3. cooking food for the MCU end of semester par-tay tonight. w00t!