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And Then There Was Silence

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Guest Blogging For Me!

Check it out everyone! I'm totally a guest blogger! ooooooooooh!

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Drugging the Brain articles

A study on cocaine addiction published in 2002 shows volume loss, or shrinkage, in several areas of the brain, particularly the frontal control areas. A study from 2004 shows very similar results for methamphetamine. But we expect drugs to damage the brain, so these studies don’t really surprise us.

Consider, though, a natural addiction, such as overeating leading to obesity. You might be surprised to learn that a study published in 2006 showed shrinkage in the frontal lobes in obesity very similar to that found in the cocaine and methamphetamine studies. And a study published in 2007 of persons exhibiting severe sexual addiction produced almost identical results to the cocaine, methamphetamine, and obesity studies.

So what does this have to do with pornography? Clicky clicky! Even if you disagree with the morality raised in the article, the parts on brain mapping give food for thought.

How pornography drugs and changes your brain by Donald L. Hilton, Jr.