June 29th, 2010

Buffy hair up

No more suits!

I feel like any Christian book, sermon, speaker or whatever that doesn't first point me to God and Jesus isn't properly doing it's job and I'm not particularly interested in hearing/reading it. How have I personally found "empowerment" and "purpose" and "fulfilment"? Not through ten easy steps. Not through gifts of the Spirit. Not through motivational speakers, programmes, or even books books or sermons. But through continual pointing to the Bible. It is the Bible, God's very Word recorded for us, that contain his good promises. It is through my relationship with this revealed God that I have security and confidence. Not to have a prosperous life, but to have a faithful life of quiet servitude and love.

I've been flipping through the latest catalogue from a Christian book store in this city and have been a little disappointed by all the books with suit-wearing men and women on the front covers promoting "power for living", "6 pillars for abundant living", "how to confront and overcome those things that block your fulfilment", "it's your time", "eat the cookie... buy the shoes".

I have three concepts that I've been working around recently. They are:
1. Love God
2. Love others
3. Jesus

These are DEEP concepts, yet on a practical level when it comes to attitudes, thinking, behaviour, actions, future planning, pretty much everything, it's remarkably simple. I can read books and books on the topic of Jesus and they're all great! The deeper understanding has helped me to love God more, love others more, and rely upon Jesus more. I can read books and books on how to love God better (or why he's so awesome) and the deeper understanding... same again. I don't need some person in a suit telling me what-for, because I already know! I don't want to know how many people this speaker brings in to a church! I want to know how their doctrine aligns to the Bible, because that means they'll get those three concepts right and those are the three things I'm interested in.

Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ for the faith of God's elect and the knowledge of the truth that leads to godliness

I don't want practical advice. I want doctrine and knowledge. Because then I can use the wisdom and love God's given me to determine everything else.

I don't want people in suits to tell me how to live. I want a guy who learnt to be content in any and every circumstance, because that's the kind of person who's got it right with God. I don't need a person with visions to tell me about the Kingdom, John already did that.