August 9th, 2010

Bernard's night out

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I'm not sad anymore btw. I had another little cry on Friday morning, but after that I've been just fine. God is very good to these people and now my heart is genuinely glad for them too :D

My weekend was very nice. Friday afternoon I had lunch and afternoon tea with some lovely friends. I helped Ang unpack some of her stuff into her new house. I'm quite certain I just potted around the house Friday evening though.

Saturday morning James and I did some music practice. Saturday afternoon was Anna's oldies kitchen tea (as her BM, I went, even though I'm not an oldie). I wasn't terribly looking forward to it as I'm rather over wedding stuff. But I expected that when I was actually there, I'd have a good time - which I did. It was fun and exciting to be celebrating Anna in preparing for marriage! Saturday evening was the Inter Christian Union ball and that was more fun than I expected. I hung out all night with a friend of James' called Rob. We had met once before, and Rob didn't know many people at the ball, so I hung out with him and introduced him to like, half of CU. He's coming around for dinner with James and I this Friday, which should be great!

Sunday morning James and I played music for church. It was just him on guitar and me on bass. It was really good! It was my first time on the bass. It was borrowed from my paster, Matt. But I'm having such a great time on it, I may have a look around for my own. Then after church, James came back to my place for lunch and we spent the entire afternoon snuggling on the couch watching Battlestar Galactica. It was a very lovely day! In the evening I did some Bible reading and prayer (finally!!) and went to bed about 11.

So that was my weekend. It was quite nice to spend so much time with James.

Two weeks ago we went on a holiday to stay with my parents in Carnarvon and it was just so wonderful to get away!! But since then I've been swamped with Uni stuff that I've felt a bit disconnected from James. When he mentioned it some time during the week, it actually made me feel really guilty, and then somewhat resentful for feeling like I have to maintain that level of affection throughout busy times. I tried to tell him as much, but I felt guilty about it all, so I'm not so sure that I effectively communicated that. It was just that I was so tired by each day's afternoon, that I really didn't want to be affectionate. I just wanted to sit and have a cuppa. But it was very nice to chill out together over the weekend :) Hopefully we'll communicate better in the coming busy weeks now that the extreme busy week has passed :P