October 5th, 2010

Dr Who tea


Recently I came to a realisation that my faith was feeling very mediocre. I was reading a lot of secular (and interesting) blogs, spending time on secular (and interesting) forum boards, and thinking about how things influence the outworking of my faith. Which is fine. Except it's become not-fine.

Becoming not-fine means that I'm not spending nearly enough time dwelling on what my faith actually is: the Gospel. I was reading a book that took a lot of its points from Scripture and as I was reading it, it was like fresh air for my soul. All this trying to do the right thing by other people is good and well, but more important is to do the right thing by God. Keep the commandments in order. My faith was feeling mediocre because I much preferred to read a blog than the Bible.

Things are getting better. It's better to be aware of the problem. And I'm very thankful for the support base I have around me, and for Christian books to encourage and convict.

I suppose a lot of it is also due to upping the amount of work I've been putting in at MCU. Helping out, meeting with girls one on one, leading Bible studies is AWESOME! But when it comes to reading the Bible/a Christian book on my own, I already feel like I've been doing that.

Thoughts? Tips?