November 6th, 2010

Claire classy

Prac Wrap Up Update and Kitchen Tea Joy!

So while I'm chillaxing, update time!!

Prac was good. After my last post on prac, I ended up moving class as Amber was gall-stones-sick and in hospital. So I went to work with Lynne (false name) in yr 3. It was a bit hard and annoying needing to adjust after I'd spent the past two days building a rapport with yr 4s, but it was ok. Adjust I did! I had a lesson all planned out for the yr 4s and was keen to deliver it, so I went to their class doing DOTT time and did it anyway. The kids LOVED it!! They had to follow some directions I gave them to find a location with points tags. They needed to take the highest numbered tag, go back to the classroom and take another set of instruction to find the next location. The team with the highest number of points won! Total success.

The yr 3 class was less successful. It was such a struggle to manage the class! Lynne was awesome though. Each lesson she'd give me a new tip to work on so I gradually built up the knowledge, skills and confidence to pull them into line. By the final week, it was great! The kids were actually DOING the activities I wanted them to; they were paying attention; they listened to me when I spoke (because I knew how to make them listen). On the last day, about half the class made me a card (as in, I received like, 10 cards at the end of the day) and we had a little party. It was SO good. I felt a lot of love for even the more difficult kids! <3

Change of Topic!
This morning was my kitchen tea. My bridesmaids are DEFINITELY the A-team!! They pulled together this fantastic party with fun games and activities and food and decorations and people came and had fun and it was so good!! Alys told me to do my hair 50s style (which I spent an hour on and is still in place - so. much. hairspray.) and she organised a cute 50s outfit for me. The kitchen tea was 50s-housewife themed!

Lots of friends came and it was SO GOOD to catch up with them, though I think I'll have to organise many an afternoon tea/supper outing one-on-one with a few as there just wasn't enough time. They set up a 10-min challenge to prove myself as a good housewife by ironing a shirt, poaching an egg, cooking toast and squeezing an orange "for James". That was lots of fun and I completed it just in time (though the egg left a lot to be desired - poaching is so hard!). I had to correctly answer questions about James which I got about 1/2 right - yay! I got good advice and recipes, and Ali took a bunch of photos which was so nice to have. I'll need to post some when I get a hold of them.

There were 2 reasons why I was so excited. The first is that is a freakin' party for me that awesome friends are going to be at and it's going to be so much fun!
The second is that it's a party to celebrate my upcoming marriage. And that's freakin' amazing. I'm amazed that God's brought me a husband! And quite a swell one at that! I feel very blessed and am FINALLY feeling the excitement. Uni is 1 week away from being over --> 2 weeks till Bustrip --> 3 weeks of Bustrip --> 1 week till Christmas --> 3 weeks till the wedding. 10 weeks left all up. This time in 10 weeks time, we'll be chilling out, getting ready to take the posed wedding pics. WOW!!