April 9th, 2011

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Prac, Slow Cooking and Coasters!

This week I've been on teaching prac. The prac is divided up into two weeks (Professional Internship: Preliminary - PIP), then we have two weeks off in which time there's an assignment and loads of programming to do for the following SIX weeks of prac (Professional Internship - PI). PIP and PI together make up the final prac at Murdoch University. Other education courses at other universities do it slightly differently.

I didn't meet my teacher until my very first day - Monday. We have been encouraged to meet the class and teacher prior to PIP starting, but my emails went unanswered. But that turned out ok. Blair is pretty chilled and relaxed. And kinda out of his comfort zone a bit as he's mostly a secondary teacher. So he treats the class like adults which is both good and bad. They have more responsibility for themselves, which is good. But they take ages to get anything done and I think they'd thrive with more behavioural boundaries and structures in place. Blair is totally cool with me changing the classroom around, decorating, changing the weekly timetable, doing whatever I want really, which is GREAT! Also, given he's a the chilled out sort, I don't feel like I'm in a fishbowl. I have a lot of flexibility and freedom, so I hope I can take criticism and FREELY improve rather than feeling like I HAVE to improve (pressure!!)

I'm loving it! I don't feel totally over run by it, which is great. I'm getting some programming done in the times while Blair is teaching. If he doesn't need me, I'll sit at the desk and write down ideas that pop into my head. Which personally feels like the best way to do it. Blair'll do something and I'll think how I'd do it, or what direction I'd like to take something, so I write that down and make it a lesson.

A big reason for not getting overwhelmed is due to my slow cooker. It's amazing!! In my ideal world, I wake up at 6:15, shower, dress, breakfast and make dinner in the slow cooker. Then head to school at 7:15 to get there at 7:30 so I have over an hour to prepare for the day before school starts at 8:55. This week I made Gingered Beef and Vegetables (which James liked, but I thought was BLAND), Easy Lamb Stew (which was easy and SO YUMMY! Seriously delicious and definitely something to make again) and Wine Braised Beef Brisket (which I didn't cook with the brisket bit of the beef - I used rump steak bought cheaply, but it was also very delicious and tender!). The lamb stew made enough to feed us for two nights in a row and I think there's enough beef brisket for tonight as well, though I've just put on Chilli Verdi for dinner (EDIT: it was also delicious, with coriander, it's a favourite!). I've been taking leftovers to school for lunch each day. It's been amazing to put it all together in the morning and by evening everything's done! It takes a lot of pressure of my afternoons, which I'm really feeling! I've been getting super tired at the end of the day, so it's a blessing to not have to cook dinner when I get home.

We went to the gym on Wednesday though and I felt great afterwards! Monday and Tuesday I was just exhausted in the afternoon, but after working out at the gym, I felt quite awake, which was great.

Oh, and in the mail this week, we received a belated Wedding present from Sydney, which was very exciting!! Collapse )
Thank you Spally and Matt!! :D :D
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