April 21st, 2011

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Long weekend camping

Here in West Aussie land we have a 5 day long weekend coming up. This is because Easter falls on the same weekend as Anzac Day. In West Aussie land, whenever a public holiday falls on a weekend, we get it made up to us on the next working day. So if Christmas and Boxing day are on Saturday and Sunday, we get the Monday and Tuesday off as public holidays. So given Anzac Day falls on Easter Monday, which we'd otherwise get off, we ALSO get Tuesday off. So Friday - Tuesday is a super long weekend.

And all that is to tell you that I'm going camping from Friday to Monday. We're going with another couple from church. Hopefully to Pemberton (though we're a bit worried all the camping spots will be filled up) and in tents! I'm quite excited and will hopefully remember to bring my camera to photo document the experience. My very first camping trip since 2005! Yay!

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