April 26th, 2011

road and trees

Camping in Pemberton with friends!

So on Friday we woke up at 4:30am so I could have a shower/wash my hair/pack our stuff into the car and head to the Halls. We got there at 5:30 and packed their stuff into our car. It was PACKED man! As in, I put the pillows on top of the very full boot and squished them down till the boot closed. Opening the car was like opening a can of silly worms. Cept with pillows. We left the Hall's at 6am. We went to Mandurah first to drop off their dog and pick up the tent at Ben's parent's. From there we headed straight down to Pemberton. We bought a National Park pass at the tourist centre and were scared at the sight of so many campers in the building. Some guy before us mentioned the camping grounds we wanted to go to, which scared us more, so we ended up heading to this place called Carey Brook. Which is "apparently" very little known. PAH!

We were quite glad we went there actually because there was one camping spot left. Camping spot are organised thusly:
There's a dirt road off the main road. Off the dirt road are little dirt roads loops coming off. Off the loops are camping spots. There's the entrance/car bay and in from there is a small clearing for setting up tents. It means that there's very little traffic coming into the loop to disturb campers. The camping spots are only a metre or two apart divided by brush and trees. Most of them have a fire pit and some have a picnic table. We scored the VERY LAST camping spot in the area which was, unfortunately without a fire pit :(. We also ended up two camping spots across from the LOUDEST most UNCAMPING group in the history of the world. They brought 3 gas bottles, 2 standing up BBQs, a GENERATOR, something to make obnoxiously loud music and were taking up two camping spots with their family. The Friday night was a bit unpleasant as that turned out to be their party night. But thankfully they settled down a bit the remaining 2 nights.

the view from the window in our tent

The view from the entrance of our tent. The Hall's tent is the green thing to the left and Ben is moving the tarp about to secure a dry area

On Saturday we went to a couple of wineries, a non-water thing (as it's been summer/dry season) which was fun and a thing that did have water! We went to a Lavender Farm that sold lavender ice cream. It tasted much like vanilla, but had a faint lavender taste to it that gradually got stronger as I ate more of it. It was ok. Not really worth the price I paid except now I can say I've eaten lavender ice cream.

Beedelup Falls - the non-water falls

The Cascades - complete with water!

Cathy enjoys lavender ice cream while Ben and James chillax. Just behind me are some alpacas and sheep that Cathy fed. They were FAT, as you'd expect for animals that are there to be fed all the time.

We ate canned soup with pasta for lunch and had pre-made dinners. We had my spag bog Friday night and Cathy's very yummy tacos on Saturday. Sunday we had soup because we ate wood fired pizza for lunch (so yummy!). We went to wineries and the Gloucester Tree. That was quite scary, but lots of fun to have done it. I felt satisfied to get over how scared I was.

James and I at the top

climbing down

At the bottom

The Saturday and Sunday nights it rained, which was rather exciting. But rather sucky when it came to packing up on Monday, as everything was wet and muddy :( We ended having everything packed by 10am. We eventually got home a little past 3pm. At which stage I was SO glad to be back! I was so tired of being dirty and muddy. We set up the tent straight away so that it could dry off. Then I had a nice LONG shower. Yay! Sleeping in my bed again has been great!

I'm looking forward to camping again. But not during Easter, it was too busy and noisy, especially when part of the goal is to get away from busyness and noise!

BTW, blogs these days all have pics in them, so I figure people are used to pictures everywhere. I can chuck these all behind an lj-cut if you'd prefer. But let me know, else I'll assume it's ok now most people have broadband and are used to blogs-with-pics :)