June 12th, 2011



I'm in a sad mood. It's "that time of the month", which is why I'm sad. But I project my sadness on to things that wouldn't otherwise make me sad. So when you read the following, I'm not sad BECAUSE of these.

Perth suffers from urban sprawl. Meaning that more people want to live in Perth because WA is having a resources boom and there are heaps of high paying blue collar jobs. So people bring their families to Perth and want to buy a whole house and land thing, but the only way to do that without spending half a million is to buy outwards of the city. When my parents bought in Perth in '98, they spent $200,000 for their house in Duncraig in the Northern suburbs. The median house price in Duncraig is now $511,000 with Mum and Dad's probably being worth about $650,000. In the last ten years, it has tripled in value.

So, we went to a housewarming yesterday in the suburb of Wellard. There's a display village in Wellard and we looked at some of the houses there. Wellard is maybe 40mins from the city and the houses we were looking at were about $450,000. Houses in the suburb we're currently in go for about $650,000.
We are renting a 3 bedroom house for $310p/week. That is the cheapest by a long way. Other 3 bedroom houses for rent around are over $400 a week.

My point with all this is that I'm sad. I'm sad that it's so expensive to live in Perth. We're going to the country next year and housing will be provided by the Department of Education. But then we'd like to move back to Perth so James can go to Trinity Theological College. It makes me sad to think that we'll probably have to live a while away from our church and college. It makes me sad to think that it's going to be so hard to buy OR rent. Either way, it'll be a struggle. That makes me sad.

But it doesn't MAKE me sad. I'm just projecting my sadness on to this issue that wouldn't normally make me sad. I know God provides. Just trying to crack into the market will be a huge financial undertaking and it's kinda sucky.

On the other hand, I was reading some stuff about how the lack of national health care in America means people go bankrupt fighting cancer. I am SO thankful I don't have to worry about that!! I am also SO thankful that my student loans don't have interest and are only paid back when I earn over a certain amount!! I am SO thankful for the strict gun laws!! I am SO thankful I don't live countries where I'd fear for my life!!

Putting my struggles into perspective, I'm sad that there is so much wrong with this world.