August 10th, 2011

Buffy counselor

A Real Life Job!

So term 3 has been in full swing for the past 3 weeks. On Monday and Tuesday of the first week, I handed out my resume to 31 primary schools in a 20min driving radius from me. I opened up my map book at my suburb, went one full page spread north and one south, and three full page spreads east (coz I'm quite close to the coast) and put sticky notes on all the schools. Then I made a list of schools to drive to that avoided me doubling back at any point, taking me in a giant wonky circle around my house.

I got my first call on Tuesday, but unfortunately was hunting down the admin building at a school at the time, so I missed the call and the relief opportunity. But I received my next call on Wednesday and had my first day at my final prac school (yay, familiar faces!!) as the LOTE (Languages Other Than English) teacher for Thursday! It was really cool to be back at the school and most of the students knew/recognised me. I didn't teach LOTE, I just did worksheets with the classes. My next relief day was the following Friday afternoon in Kindy (4 year olds) at a different school.

Last week I worked 3 full days at 2 schools and this week is 4 1/2 days at 3 schools. I'm currently at school now on DOTT (Duties Other Than Teaching) time. As I'm just the relief teacher and don't need to do photocopying/prep work, I'm on LJ! I'm the Phys Ed teacher today. On Monday I was the music teacher! I've done a couple more days in Kindy, 1 day in a year 7 class and 1 day in a 2/3 class.

It's cool to finally get paid for this teaching job. I also get paid double what I was getting paid at Myer (now that I have a degree) and that's pretty exciting too! It's less stressful than uni because when I come home, there's no study or assignments to do. I can BE at home. I'm still adjusting, but so far it's going well and I even did chores at home yesterday as I wasn't too pooped. I'm not being WATCHED all the time, activities (for the most part) are planned and ready to go, I don't need to assess anything. It's great!

If I have any complaint, it's that I was hoping for 4 days a week instead of 5. :)
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