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Loopy froots live here

And Then There Was Silence

dr horrible shiny new Australia

Royal Show, CHOGM and Old Friends

So it seems the comments have gone away. I started deleting them because I got bored. Feeding the trolls was fun, but like going to the zoo, the animals get a bit boring after a while.

Last week was school holidays, as is this week. We went to the Perth Royal Show last week and it was super fun. We went post-lunch and wandered around looking at all the exhibits and competition entries. A couple of my friends had entered (and won first and second places), so I had a look at those. We sampled a bunch of free food. We walked around a lot and didn't go on any of the rides (expensive!).

Then at about 6pm, we found a spot up wind of the main arena, sat our selves down with a picnic blanket and picnic dinner and waited for the fireworks. It was a really nice day to spend with James.

CHOGM is coming to Perth is a couple of weeks. It's a bit weird, because Perth is a small city, far removed from anything particularly interesting. Yet the Queen herself is coming to a little, backward, hick-town of a city. The whole CBD is being shut down for a weekend so that those Commonwealth Heads Of Government can have their Meeting (CHOGM). WEIRD MAN! I live in Perth! Perth is having a super important meeting for super important people! WEIRD!

I caught up with old school friends on Monday night and that was yay-fun! We talked a lot about where our lives are now, how it's changed, our views on education (because most of us are involved in education in some capacity), old times, "omg, I saw [girl from school] the other day and she's still just like she was!", etc. It was really good. I hope we'll catch up again soon - sooner than 3 years from now.