November 21st, 2011

Buffy hair up

So Far Away!

I used to update all the time. I also used to write in my personal diary all the time too. Not so much these days :/

The Education Department are working out where teachers all over the state will be working next year. They sent out the first round offers last week - as a deputy principal at a school told me. It's the hot topic in the staff room. Inspired by all this talk, I was reminded of my decision to be a bee in the department's bonnet in order to get placed before January. So I called up the department because we want to get placed in the same town (yes, this is a serious concern, yes the department is that silly. Believe it!). So I called up and was transfered to this very helpful person who checked our placement progress and actually listened to my concerns (amazing! Seriously). He saw that there wasn't much chance of us getting placed together. He transfered us to someone else in charge of a particular area. This second fellow was very helpful and let us know of a school that requires both a primary teacher and a secondary maths teacher. He passed our details on to the principal and the principal has since called me. We haven't had a decent conversation though, as we've called each other at bad times. But there's definitely conversation so far.

The town is Halls Creek. It is officially classified as remote, being more than 200km from the nearest town. It's a bit scary, but also a little exciting. We still need to talk to the principal and Nothing Is Confirmed, Things May Change!! But this is looking like the most likely option.

In other news, we're also hoping to start having children. Which makes this desire to be placed in the same town a bit unnecessary. It's not something that we can control very well though, and who knows how it'll work out! If I get a placement, then I can at least work full time until then.

Remote is a bit scary. Being So. Far. Away. is also a bit scary. We're three days drive from Perth, two days drive from Mum and Dad. Darwin is closer and it's in another state! We probably won't even have broadband internet (shocking!). But it's also a huge adventure and I'm pretty excited about the possibility of going. I'm also very glad I have James to go with me.

And I got a hair cut. It's now a bob, quite short. I quite like it :)