January 21st, 2012

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Traveling to Halls Creek - Karratha

Last night we spent at Carnarvon, staying with Mum and Dad. It was also Laura's 19th! It's amazing that she's 19 already!! So happy Birthday to my little sis!


We left Atticus with my parents, which is both sad and happy. He was getting pretty annoying. Especially at 3am-ish each and every night! But he's also super cute, and it's sad that he's gone. We've taken lots of photos, but I cannot upload them as the internet connection is only on my tablet, not my laptop. He coed pretty well with being free to roam on the backseat. For the most part, he was pretty good about it, I think he liked being able to see where we were going and what was happening and then have the option of sitting in his cat carrier (which he did for a lot of the time).


The drive from Perth to Geraldton is quite nice with lovely scenery. We took the Ocean road, meaning we often saw the ocean and these amazing, pure white, spotless sand dunes, rising up from the scrub. It was quite spectacular! Between Geraldton and Carnarvon, the drive is a bit dull. Scrun, bushes, red, yellow. But past Carnarvon, everything starts getting a bit more green. We drove just under 650km and the last 200km was really something! It starts getting a bit more tropical, which means summer is now also the wet season. Which means everything is getting more green. there was so much wild green grass, some green trees, a tiny number of wild flowers and it was beautifully contrasted with the vivid red dirt. Lots of photos were taken.


The most exciting bit of the trip was went we went through a storm. It came on quite suddenly! We saw the storm clouds from way off, but the transition from dry to wet was like BAM! And it wasn't pitter-patter either. It was OMG I'm doing 110km/h and I can only see 10-20m ahead of me!! It was thick and fast. A car going the opposite direction had wisely stopped, but I had just passed a couple of road trains and didn't want them careening into me from behind.


Anyway, we're now in Karratha. Tomorrow we hope to get to Broome in time for an evening service at the local people's church (predominantly Indigenous) held at the Anglican church building. We're going to stay 2 nights in Broome for 2 reasons; 1, it's a nice place to holiday, 2, it's the place in between our 2 biggest legs (800km from Karratha and 700km to Halls Creek).


Dinnertime soon, yay!

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