January 23rd, 2012

Kat sketching

Travelling to Halls Creek - Broome

firstly, I apologise for bad spelling and grammar in recent entries. I'm typically pretty picky about it, but I'm using an app on my android tablet/typing with the on-screen keyboard and generally getting used to it all. Combined that with no easy way to edit my entries after publishing them. I try to pick up as much as I can as I go along, but a few mistakes get missed. Sorry about that.

We're in Broome! We arrived at 3:30, which was super earlier than we'd hoped. We went through another HEAVY storm on the way. There were floodway signs as we were driving through, which increased my apprehension, but we made it safely to the other side despite that.

We are staying at McAlpine Lodge and I super recommend it!! It used to be an old bungalow for a wealthy pearler, but has been extended and converted to a boutique hotel. The grounds here are spectacular!! Lots of lush greenery and paths to walk and seats to chill out on. There aren't a lot of rooms available, but they are classy and quirky, each with its own bit of history. And air-conditioned. I'm not getting paid to say any of this, but I don't think I'd stay anywhere else when visiting Broome. I'm sitting on a deckchair by the pool side right now, listening to classical music playing over the stereo and parrots from the aviary squawk to each other. Very peaceful, very beautiful.

We went to the people's church last night and it was very cool. I found the language very interesting. The Bible was read in English and Kriol. Kriol is an Aboriginal language that combines English words with some words from different Aboriginal language and Aboriginal grammar. Some ways things were translated was interesting and mildly amusing from our perspective, as we understand the way words are used in English. I was a bit sad that people didn't hang around quite so much after church finished, but I'm white, so maybe it was that. I dunno.

This morning we visited a laundromat to get our washing done. Then we had lunch on Cable Beach and a bit of a paddle. Apparently there are a lot of dangerous jellyfish in the water this time of year, so we didn't swim long or far out. The beach was beautiful though. The water was FLAT and so so blue. There were no boats out on the water, or many people on the beach (with the jellyfish warning, I'm not surprised people stayed away).

This afternoon we're catching up with the Anglican minister in town so he can give us the skinny on the Christian scene in Halls Creek. Then we're going on the iconic camel ride at sunset, which is cheaper because it's off-season, yay! Then tomorrow we're driving to Halls Creek!!!

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