January 25th, 2012

willow sad

Travelling to Halls Creek - Halls Creek

Yesterday we arrived in Halls Creek. It's small and red. The stores are old-looking, stained by the dirt. But in the school and hotel, there are lush plants. We checked in at the same time as another teacher, then we met other teachers staying next to us and some teachers opposite from us. To be fair, I'm exaggerating a little. There were 7 of us, but only 5 are teachers. We got settled in, then sat around for a bit until it was time to head to the local sports bar for dinner. We were the first to get there, but then the other teachers arrived and we all sat together. There's quite a range of people. Two of the blokes are going into teaching for the very first time after having established families (they're way older than us). But it's really nice to be making friends with these people.

Today we went for a little explore of the school. No one was able to tell me what I'm teaching yet :( and we do have a house, but we have to wait for the current occupant to get back from holiday and move out :(

I admit that these two things are making me a bit down. So far I've been on holiday, but now we're HERE, ready to get started and into it! But we're not into it. We have to wait. Up till now I've been rolling with the punches: we don't have a house? Fine! Don't know what I'm teaching yet? Cool! Except for now. Now that I'm here, I want to get settled! More than anything else, I want to be settled! But we're in a hotel room, at least for the next week. There's nothing for me to unpacked, plan, clean, go, whatever. We're just waiting to find out information and sitting tight. *sigh*

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