January 26th, 2012

buffy sad

No house, no class, no trusted friends

We met with the principal today. I still don't know what class I'll be teaching! But more significant is the news that our house won't be available to move into until the end of term 1/start of term 2. We had the option of being moved from our hotel room to a suite. We had a look at one of the suites and it's much more spacious. It contains a small kitchen, dinning area, lounge and a little patio with an outdoor setting. We decided to take up that offer and will hopefully switch in the next couple of days.


It's hard though. We have pots and pans provided, but there not MY pots and pans. It's not MY bed, MY couch, MY bedroom, MY lounge. It isn't my space with my stuff in it. I had a little cry about it and I still feel a bit sad. I don't blame the curent occupant for not moving out. She has a dog and you can't keep pets at the hotel. She also moved in quite late last year, so it'd be suck to move out again so soon. But I'm sad right now for not having our own space and stuff.


I'm sad I can't call anyone. I'm sad that I don't have a friend to trust yet to tell. I'm sad that there's only been one comment on my LJ since we moved a week ago and I'm sad to admit that because it feels pathetic. I feel quite isolated and I don't have a place to be settled and grounded.


Please comment, dear friends. Please tell me that I'm not far from your thoughts and I'm not isolated, despite the distance.

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