January 30th, 2012

buffy smile

Feeling better



I was a bit teary previously with the housing situation. And it still is sucky. But it's much better now. Things that have helped include; buying clothes on the internet (necessary clothes like underwear), finding out that other people are in similar boats (misery loves company), and a little bit of time. I was more teary about it than I expected to be. We visited a couple's house this arvo. Their stuff hasn't arrived, but they've got the keys to their place and it's ready for them to move in. I was happy for them, and they've got sweet digs, but I was a little sad for me. But I'm doing OK for the most part.


Other things that make me sad include not having a class of my very own. Most student teachers are just hanging out for the day when they get their very own class. But alas, not for me *sadface*. I'll be doing this Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Strategy (ATAS) instead. That means I'll have a small number of kids I'll work with to boost their literacy and numeracy. I think it'll probably be more rewarding and I'll enjoy it more, but it's not my very own class of my very own damnit! Expectations are nothing like I expected! If I think about it too much, I feel quite jaded about it all!!


Good news!!! Church this morning was great! Most people stuck around for ages to chat, an Indigenous man led the service and I agreed and was edified by pretty much everything he said, we did communion and sang OLD songs with gusto! The talk left a little to be desired, but it was from the Bible and was generally encouraging. On the whole, it felt a little bit like home and family, which is such a great feeling to have! Most of the white, Christian teachers go there too, which is cool!


After church we were invited to lunch at someone's house, so we went along for that. I felt a bit on the outer, as many of them had gotten back from the holidays and were catching up/had established friendships. But they were mindful of including us and I hope to be close friends with these women in time. I guess I was envious of their friendships more than anything and was super aware of my efforts to fit in :P. oh well. On the whole it was nice and I have positive expectations.


Good news, but not as awesome as the above good news: I figure out how to wirelessly connect the internet to the laptop via the tablet. Photos will be flooding here soon! Yay!


To sum up: God is preparing us to bear with unfavourable change. By the time we're 80, I ought to be quite used to this ;). But God also provides for us where it matters. And I am very thankful for that!

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