February 5th, 2012

Buffy counselor

Week 1 of school

A whole week since updating! Woah!

So on Monday we moved into our apartment at the hotel. We have a bedroom, living room, kitchen and dinning room now. There's a washing machine in the bathroom and a dryer that does a great job of heating, but not so great job at drying. It tries though, poor dryer! We also have a dish washer, which is cool! We had some friends over for dinner on our second night to celebrate, and we ate not-pub-food! Yay! It's nice to cook again and eat our own food the way we like it. I don't have my cook books yet, so I'm just sticking to easy stuff I know well, instead of getting adventurous like I'm kinda used to. But then, it's not as though I have a billion different food shops in a 20min driving radius in order to get obscure items, so it's just as well.

For Monday-Wednesday, we had PD, and that was alright. A lot of being talked at and a few interactive things for our Stronger Smarter thing. It's aimed at Indigeous kids, to help give them self respect and pride in their education, hoping to boost attendance and results and generally put them in a better position to succeed when they eventually leave school. Most people at the school are super committed and optimistic about helping these kids, so I'm pretty happy to be working in this big team. There was also stuff about talking positively and constructively, rather than complaining in the staff room all the time. I was a bit confused at first, because the way they mentioned itm sounded like we were expected to bury our heads in the sand whenever something negative came up. But it's not that, it's about making those conversations constructive.

So school officially started on Thursday. ATAS won't start till this week (and even then, not in an official sense), so last week I was making resources for most of the day. I kid you not, I got mild RSI in my arms from the repetative actions on the guillotine and stapler! It was kinda funny till I got home and couldn't do other things, like out a pot of rice in the microwave because it hurt A LOT to lift slightly-heavy things. Lame!

My desk is in a wet area. It's a bit open and probably busy, but I have a desk!! Apparently I'll also get a computer! The principal has told me that he's ordered in new colourful desks and filing cabinets to go in that space, for my use with the kids. Cool beans!! I'm pretty excited about that. But knowing Halls Creek, these things won't come in for a while.

Things are definitely going well things week. Moving into the apartment has helped, starting at the school and getting assistance has helped, buying things online has helped, receiving our first paycheck has helped! But I think mostly time has helped me get used to change.

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