March 4th, 2012

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Halls Creek ups and downs

So, we're now half way through term. That went by SO fast! I'm still feeling like I'm making this up as I go along. Every so often, a teacher will over me some advice on what to be doing differently and I jump on board with that. But I get the distinct impression (have been told directly) that I ought to be forward planning to target all the students I'm working with. But I have NO idea how that's going to work out. I'll try to have a quality sit down with my team leader to grill her on all of that. Hopefully I can then be meeting the expectations of my job and doing it well. I really want to so this well!

I've started leading Sunday School. Last week'we had 5 kids. This week we had 17. OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!! And I had a cold. I'm pretty sure that God gave me strength to pull through and that he worked in the kids so they'd cooperate. I've no idea how it managed to pull together, but it did, and was amazing. I was told this morning that sometimes we get 50 kids coming along. I don't know how that's going to work. On one hand, it's a huge blessing to teach all those kids about Jesus. On the other hand, this church doesn't really DO rosters. Or much forward planning. I think I might need to have a chat to some people about getting regular helpers who aren't white-teachers and getting them on a roster, trained and able to teach a small group of kids. What a huge task! Please pray that God will sustain and strengthen me to do this.

I've been feeling much much better about the friends issue. While I was feeling all horrible and bad at the start of last week, a few people noticed and cared. We had a couple over for dinner last week and I really enjoyed getting to know them. I'm really thankful for how things have been going in that department. God is so good to provide us with friends.

And some of our friends have recently moved out of their apartment and into their house! I am very happy for them as they were having a terrible time in the hotel. You can read more about it here This makes me look forward to eventually moving in to our own house one day. I am thankful that their good news hasn't made me sad for me, as I was expecting. Maybe that'll come soon, but I hope not.

I think that's all our big news. Please pray for Sunday School, my health and give thanks for us making good friends! Thank you

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