May 14th, 2013

BG Hansi

Story time!!

Hello blogosphere!

So I've been meaning to record these things for a few weeks now. So here are some stories!!

Sunday the 28th of April was on the first weekend of the school holidays. The term had been along one, I was quite tired by the end of it, PLUS, I'd just been on a school camp that, although it went quite well for the most part, ended on a bad note. I was beyond exhausted, emotionally drained and a bit of a wreck. My period was due on that Friday. Saturday was spent curled up in bed recovering. Sunday was church and throughout the service I started thinking that my period was late, but I probably wasn't pregnant and I shouldn't get up my hopes *safeguarding my mind*. So soon after church, I took a test. As I was sitting there, it came up positive. But I knew I wasn't really pregnant! Why would the test LIE to me!? What a cruel thing to do! I've had a shocker of an end to the week, I'm tired and sick of being tricked, what a mean, horrible thing to do to LIE to me over something as important as this *cue crying*. I showed James the test who thought it was negative (because I was crying) and was more confused when I said it was positive.

I rushed to the shops to get a different test before the shops shut. Then I called Mum. But Mum wasn't at home in Carnarvon, she was staying in Perth and her mobile was off. What do I do? Who can help? I called my friend Angela, who has the amazing ability of remaining calm in the face of a a positive pregnancy test, and has the secondary amazing gift of knowing Exactly What To Say. So she gave me some good advice and helped me to calm down. But given I so rarely call ANYONE, she answered the phone all excited and already *knew* what I was calling about, God bless her!

So I took the second test later that afternoon and it was positive too. And maybe, just maybe, it was actually true. Maybe there was a teeny tiny life growing in me. Maybe I was actually, finally, after lots of trying and hoping and failing, pregnant.

Mum finally called back at 11:30pm, when we were fast asleep in bed, super concerned and eager to put her mind at ease. In a very drowsy state (my aim was the finish the call and go back to sleep asap) I informed her of being pregnant. She was So. Excited. I don't know if she slept that night. But after chuckling at Mum's enthusiasm, I drifted back off.
Dawnie excited

Story time!! More stories

So anyway, that Sunday I called a few of my closest friends to let them know the news. We had a couple over for dinner that night that we were driving to Broome. They were flying out to Perth, but James and I were spending a couple of nights there for relaxing purposes. So we let them know too. Although the news wasn't Public, I was happy to let people know. That was if Something Happened, I would have some people in the know to provide support in the fallout.

We drove to Broome, had a nice time relaxing. Really just letting it sink in a bit. Talking about names, about travel plans for the end of the year, about anything. It was really nice to chill out away from home and everyone else. As I thought about it and read a couple of books, a few of them were all "find a good obstetrcian" and I was like 'in Halls Creek!? You gotta be kidding me!' So I called my friend Karen, who's had 2 children whilst living in remote towns in the Kimberley, and she gave me the benefit of her experience. I needed a doctor's appointment, then the community midwife would take care of me for the rest of it.

So then when we returned, I got a doctor's appointment and it was confirmed. James called his parents who were more happy than he thought they'd be (but quite unsurprisingly to me). He was planning to tell them the next time they had one of their routine phone calls. I tried to encourage him to make that routine phone call sooner rather than later because news like this isn't something you just chuck in there: "oh yes, the chickens are doing well, had a lovely time in Broome, by the way, Kathryn's pregnant..."

Then, by about the Thursday of the 2nd week of holidays, the nausea started.

dun dun DUUUUUN!!!
Marie Antoinette bath

Story Time Part 3

I tried working through the nausea. We told all the staff at the first staff meeting back at school. I worked on Tuesday, but was exhausted and stayed home n Wednesday. I worked on Thursday but was exhausted and stayed home on Friday. Well, I came to school, but ended up crying in the Principal's office instead. I was slipping on my teaching duties big time. I couldn't give these students what they needed from me. I couldn't live up to the expectations from management. I couldn't get through a whole teaching day without a nap. I couldn't do it!

I think if I just threw up in the morning and could get through the day, I'd be ok. But this nausea is a complete killer!! The past 2 days since, staying at home, have been much improved. Even though I'm still tired, still NAUSEATED, I can rest in bed all day with no stressors on me. The principal was SOOO understanding and kind about it, which really helped with the decision to stay home.

It's very hard to be excited about Sprout when I feel so crappy. But I am excited. It's just buried deep down beneath the nausea ;). We're not going to find about Sprout's sex. We have a short list of favourite boys and girls names, but they're all top secret to avoid the dreaded unasked-for opinion and judgements concerning our choice of name :P

I'm worried that I'll end up miscarrying. Or something will go wrong somewhere down the line. But as there's nothing I can do about it, it's been quite easy to turn these worries into prayers. God is in charge, no matter what the outcome! The Lord gives and the Lord takes away; may the Lord's name be praised!

I think that's the last of these stories for now. But I'll keep updating as things progress :)

Oh, and the antiemetic, Ondansetron is DA BOMB!! It's been linked to cleft palate, so I'm not taking them every day, all the time. But I visited the midwife today and needed something so I could exit the house. Only when required. It's pretty damn effective though!! I have another antiemetic, but it's quite pathetic!