May 26th, 2013

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Life/Pregnancy Update

So how's life going for me now that I'm a bit more settled into a routine? Pretty good actually! I still get tired and I still get nausea, but it's more manageable now.

I'm taking my antiemetic medication every 2 days, which is enough to keep me from feeling horrible. The day I take it, is almost a normal average day for normal good-health Kat. The next day is not as good, but still not bad. Then the 3rd day I feel very sick and the 4th day I'm throwing up again. The throwing up is not once a day, btw. So medication is taken every second day.

Last week I had my very first ultrasound. It was really really good to see Sprout! I feel sick and tests say I'm pregnant, but I can't see any evidence. And what if he's miscarried and I don't know it? *fear, worry* But the ultrasound put a lot of that to rest. I could see his heart fluttering away. He was there, a little blob on the screen! His head barely distinguishable from his tail. But he was there and his heart was beating. Phew!! I was sad that James wasn't there to see it. But I took a sonogram image to him at school as soon as the bell went.

And on my way into the classroom, I got mobbed by a bunch of students wanting to see the sonogram and getting all excited. That was really sweet, with the students all excited too. One year 7 stuck around for ages in this happy-glow. So now the sonogram is stuck on the fridge with some love-heart fridge magnets to remind us that Sprout is there. Alive. Beating heart.

It's also nice to be excited for other people's pregnancies. My post about our struggle said that I had blocked various pregnant facebook friends from my news feed. But now they're all unblocked! A couple of friends have given birth recently and that's super exciting and happy! And I've found out that some other friends are also in the early stages of pregnancy, and that's super exciting and happy too!!

Some days are pretty sucky. On Wednesday just this week, I delayed taking my meds by a day (so was on day 3 of medication taken Monday) and was hoping just to fall asleep, take a tablet in the morning and feel better. But NOOOO. I couldn't get to sleep. I was lying in bed feeling HORRIBLE! I tried eating some food which made me feel even worse. I was literally on the cusp of vomiting for an hour. And hoping that I would, so I could get some relief and go to sleep. But NOTHING happened. It was the WORST!! So James ended up fetching me a tablet. And half an hour later I was fine. So since then I've decided that I don't need to suffer through this. I have medication. The health department actually pays for this super expensive medication (it's like, $20 a tablet) because we're in a remote town and the only access to it is through the public hospital. Yay!

I think that if it weren't for the medication, I'd be in some horrible rotten state, atoning for my sins or something else extreme. So I am SUPER thankful for this medication. Because life would be totally miserable without it!! With it, life is pretty good. I don't know if I'd have enough energy for teaching, but thankfully it's not something I need to worry about for another 2 weeks. I don't think I would. The times when I have gotten up and done something around the house (cooking, cleaning, etc), I get tired really easily. So I do a job, take a break. Do a job, take a break. And the breaks are loooong. And the jobs are quick!

So this was longer than I expected *ramble ramble*. I just wanted to give an update to my life and how I'm coping with it all. :) Toodles