May 31st, 2013

Buffy bored


I like the sedentary life. Quiet, plodding on by, board games, chickens. Books. A few other teachers up here have blogs and I've been reading theirs. They're funny and exciting and full of camping adventures. I like camping! But whenever a long weekend rolls around, James and I are so pooped and in need of a rest, that we spend the whole weekend resting. And that's really nice, y'know? We like having people over for dinner, chats and games. Or going to other's. And camping *is* fun. But it's so much work and blah blah *grumble grumble*

Besides, its not like I'm really up for camping at this stage in my life anyway. It's hard enough to summon the energy to get out of the house, let alone set up a tent and go for a hike! Which is fine with me. But I hope there'll be more camping adventures soon.

Speaking of, last lot of school holidays we were SET to go camping. Excited, planned, YEAH! But we jumped in our 4WD, turned it on and brom brom brom...
The batteries had died. And they wouldn't be jumped-started back into life. As we were giving another teacher-couple a lift to Broome, we swapped all our stuff to our sedan, jumped in it and drove to Broome. So instead of camping our way back from Broome, we stayed an extra day and chilled out. Given we were still adjusting to the pregnancy-bomb, it was just as well that we had the non-stressed, non-working, non-hiking time to ourselves. And yay for 2 cars!

We still haven't gotten the batteries replaced. But today I am feeling better than I have in the past 4 weeks, so I've gotten out of bed(!), eaten breakfast(!!), and made some phone calls(!!!). Now I'm sitting here eating morning tea because I got hungry again(!!!!). I credit this to my regular intact of ondansetron :D.

Anyway, life is a little dull around these parts as I wait for the mechanic with 2 spare batteries to rock up. Thus the revival in blogging recently.