June 17th, 2013

Dawnie excited

Trimester 2!

I'm 12 weeks and a few days along in my pregnancy, which means I'm officially in Trimester 2!! Yay!!! How is pregnancy progressing so far?
Well, last week seemed to mark a change in my daily routine. But before I explain that, I want to make a distinction in vomit-y feels for you mob. Ready to get into the grossness?

There's a nausea scale, and an about-to-vomit (atv) scale. There is a subtle, but very important difference. The past 6 weeks have been a 7-9/10 on the nausea scale. Feel terrible, must lie down at all times, stomach is very upset with me all the time. I also oscillated between a 3/10 and an 8/10 depending on my horizontal/vertical positioning on the atv scale. Medication took both of those down to a 1/10. On bad days my nausea would be 10/10 with the atv at a 9/10. Nowadays, I am a 2/10 on the nausea scale, but first thing in the morning a 7/10 on the atv scale. Which is really a much pleasanter experience because the nausea is heavily reduced and I don't terribly care about vomiting or not. And once I eat something/take my time getting up/have medication, the atv scale goes right down to a 0-1/10. Hurrah!!

Last week was the first week in a few that my nausea and atv rating were right down. The weak, ineffective antiemetic became effective for the weak nausea I was experiencing. My mornings were quite alright. Not, Up And At 'Em, but alright! About midday though, my body would totally crash from all the exerting tv watching I was doing and I would need to nap for about 3hrs. Upon waking, I would still be very tired until I eventually went to sleep at night. Much much better than nausea, still pretty useless at everything.

Then about mid-way through last week, I thought maybe some iron would help me out. So I cooked up a delicious marinaded butterfly steak thingo on the BBQ, sliced it up and had at it for dinner. It was SOOOO delicious. And the next day I only napped for 1hr. I also ate some left overs for lunch and continued to snack at it until we ran out Saturday lunch (it was a big steak thingo). On Friday, I didn't need a nap. And on Saturday, my birthday, I didn't need to nap either! On Sunday, I had leftover pizza for lunch and, surprise surprise, needed to nap! I'm also drinking like, a litre of OJ a day. Preferably a little bit frozen so it's like an OJ smoothie. YUM!

I quite like steak. And I quite like orange juice, so this eating pattern suits me just fine! It's SOOO not high in vegetables though, so I have plans to make this lentil/spinach/lemon soup that I've made before and enjoyed, which, due to the lentils and spinach, should be enough iron. We'll see how I go after I have it for lunch and subsequently need to nap or not that afternoon.

So to sum up, nausea is mostly gone (hurrah!!), tiredness is on it's way up, but my super preggo cravings of steak and OJ are managing the tiredness well.

In other Trimester 2 news, my lower abdomen is getting firmer, but not sticking out yet. Pregnancy as a whole is getting pretty exciting and I'm waaaay more happy about it in general. The nausea was a real joy-sucker!!! Also, I totally vaccuumed and mopped the floors today. I am useful once more! YAY!