August 18th, 2013

Claire young smile

21 weeks

So I just had a looky look over at my eljay to see what I'd posted last and it was the turn of the trimester. How are things now?

Lemme start with the educational.
Although pregnancy is 9 months, everyone is mostly aware that a month is a little bit longer than 4 weeks. So even though it's been 2 months since I got into this trimester, I've got just under 2 months to go until I'm in the third trimester. It's just easier to measure things by weeks. I'm 21 weeks, which is just over half way.

My belly feels so stretched and pulled. It's starting to get in the way and is mostly uncomfortable. Also, extra weight in front takes a bit to get used to.
I get muscle cramps pretty badly (just a pregnancy thing that can happen). The first time I got 1 was when I was stretching as I woke up. What a hell of a way to wake up!! I've had cramps in my calves and right now in the front-thigh muscles. Turns walking into hobbling.
I've had some pretty horrific, very localised back pack that requires a heat pack at the end of each school day. Given I have a baby belly now, lying on my front is mightily uncomfortable, but lying on top of the heat pack is too hot. So I kinda end up on my side, but on my front, with the heat pack precariously perched on top of me. Which would be funny if I weren't in pain.

I have a belly and it's a bit exciting to see it grow!
I have waaaaay more energy than I did back in Trimester 1 and the early weeks of Trimester 2. That was horrid, this is good! :D
I can feel movement and kicks! Pretty special. James hasn't felt anything yet. When I start to feel things, I call him over to where I'm at and he's all "What!? I'm coming! ... Yeah, just wait a bit... etc" and so he kinda misses out. If he hurried up, he'd get some baby-kick action.
We had our 20 week scan last weekend and it was pretty cool. Sprout looks a lot like an alien! He* turned around nicely for the ultrasound technician and yawned, which was cute.

Other things
I cleared out all my non-stretchy clothes last weekend. For school this week I wore one of my favourite tops, and that'll be the last time I could wear it as it's meant to be flow-y and loose, but instead was tight across my middle by the end of the day. Very unflattering. I've inherited a bunch of maternity clothes from a very generous Mum in town, so I'm not without options! But it's sad to see all my things packed up, wondering if I'll ever be able to wear them ever again.
All these body changes makes me feel weird. I wonder what I'm going to end up looking like in 5 months time and if I'll ever look like I did 5 months ago. This weird feeling makes me want to get an elliptical machine and start exercising so I feel some some modicum of control over what's happening. My achy back and muscle cramps are not helping in the exercise department. Though some twisted logical tells me that exercise would help them. :P Typical!
School has been horrific for reasons I cannot go into, but it just adds unwelcome stress into my life. I've been working hard at praying about it, ensuring I'm relaxing every day, eating right, etc. Last weekend was terrible and I took a stress day because I wasn't coping. But this week has been hedged in prayer and petition for rest, and God has delivered.
All this stress and these changes are not helping my relationship with James. We're going all right, but it's been difficult, y'know?
This weekend I've been spending a lot of time going through pinterest to get ideas for what I want in our future house. It's all very fanciful and catalogue-worthy: unrealistic. But it's been a very welcome distraction from my mind always turning back to school drama.

So anyway, I think that's all for now. :)

*"he" is a better alternative to "it". It is not intended to mark the sex/gender of Sprout. We don't know, we asked not to be told. The technician didn't even look!