May 15th, 2014

Anya loving

Much happier than before

Hello all,

So, what's going on with us? How has the move been? How are we adjusting? All good questions, thanks for asking ;)

Finding a place to rent has been a major drag. We've been offering more than asking prices ($10-20+), we've been offering months of rent upfront, but people just don't want rentors for only 6 months (plus a bit). Boo. So we're seeking out the housesitting options. It kinda sucks because we don't have our stuff. But it also rocks because no rent!! We're still with James' family, which is actually going very well and I am super relieved about that! We're paying some to cover our utilities, I'm trying to be useful around the house and I'm making dinner many times a week. Karen (MIL) quite likes that because "it's like I've got my own personal chef". So hooray! We have a 3 month house sitting gig linned up at the start of August and are trying to make additional arrangements until then.

Having Tully in our room has been the biggest challenge. Having people always wanting to pick up Tully when he cries is another challenge as it means he's regressed on his self-settling. Why go to sleep when I can just cry and get picked up by one of the MANY people in this house who think I'm the greatest and cutest?? I've cracked down on that recently though and it's getting a bit better. Having James be the stay at home Dad was amazing because HE was the one to get up at night and feed Tully. I don't like getting up at night.

Personal aside: usually I pray for Tully to sleep well and then I get cranky when that doesn't happen. Last night I prayed for patience (because I am seriously wearing thin on patience) and... I got more patience!! Tully still woke up heaps and refused to sleep easily. But I dealt with it way better and am way less cranky today. I even had a very fun play with my gorgeous little man as I was in a much better mood to hang out with him. Right now he's asleep - praise the Lord!!

Being a stay at home Mum is weird. Of course, there's always housework to do. And right now I'm painting a bunch of second hand photo frames blue for a friend's belated birthday present so she has a colourful gallery wall in her otherwise very neutral home. (Obviously not *right now*, but I just finished a second coat before coming on to blog).

It's nice being part of a mother's group. It's weird to think it may be another decade before I return to work. I've been working so hard to be a good teacher that it's odd to not be concerned with that any more. I tend to get a bit jelly of James going off to work at a fancy private school (with an AMAZING staff room that has 3 sides of windows overlooking the river!!) and his students do what he tells them and he can ACTUALLY TEACH as opposed to run crowd control all day. SO JELLY!!

But it's also quite nice just being at home with Tully. Making sure we have dinner and clean clothes. And that Tully grows up well. Speaking of being busy at home, I need to call our internet provider to cancel our services, someone to service our car... and I'm sure there's another job I'm meant to get on top of. I love my family. I getting on way better with my in laws and they are growing dearer to me every day. I am so much happier than I was before! Yay!