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What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: cookies in ice cream or white chocolate. Milky way dairy milk spread on toast! so much yum! Specially chocolate cip cookie dough ice cream from Gelare. Even more yum! As to the toast, it's just so addictive. In terms of guilt though, Thursday I had meat and wedges covered in gravey. Brian said it looked disgusting, I thought it tasted pretty damn good!
Literary: Fantasy epic unles written badly... no... even if it is written badly, give me more! EPIC!!!
Audiovisual: Buffy, Firefly, Buffy Oz, Willow and Xander are so much funny. Firefly... this needs no explaining. Is genius! Everyone should watch!
Musical: Opera For someone who spends most of her time listening to metal, I do like Opera. I think Madam Butterfly is coming to Perth, and I really want to see it
Celebrity: Richard E Grant this is guilt. But if you've ever seen the BBC Scarlet Pimpernel... *sigh* It's so cool! That can go as a Audiovisual guilt too actually

Now I tag:-

_shana fergmonkey matt_carrot spannerbanana and bikelet

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Man, I've had so much reading for today, and I haven't even finished it, but I can't fit any more into my brain, so I'll finish it tomorrow. Or something (do I have time tomorrow, no) but I can't do it today! Brain stuffed full of grammer/maths/political prejudices. *groan*
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