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Hello everyone
It's my Dad's 50th today.
food is good. I haven't pigged out as much as I usually do, but I'm still full.
I can hear one of my parentals talking about me.
Ha! funny.
Busy day tomorrow again. SS in morning, Hilary's in early arvo, SS again late arvo, church in evening.
I did a first draft of an essay due on thursday, and I feel like I should be doing more work on my maths essay on randomite topics. Meh, is tricky. Need to research (which is probably the idea). Do people actually research research essays? It seems kinda... thingy.
This is possibly one of the funnist jpop songs ever. Check out the dude with the speedo's SO FUNNY!
also check out this
click on the projector, then videos, go to page 2, and watch videos. If you haven't much time, videos 3 and 4 are funniest. These were dubbed by a church bunch of people trying to draw attention to the misconceptions surrounding Jesus. But is oh-so-funny!

Ok, so now that I've wasted a bunch of time procrastinating on this entry and else where on the internet, I'm going to pretend to research further

Somehow some of my hair got burnt during the singing of happy birthday/cutting the cake/speeches. I now have a small bald spiky patch. Thankfully not big, but I'm thinking side part for a week or so.
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