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I just finished a japanese test. I didn't do badly, but I don't think I went as well as I wanted. We only had half an hour too. And now that I've just done that, I keep wanting to write phonetically. More so than English. boo.
I'm kinda disappointed in how I did. I hope I get an alright mark though. I really want to do well this year. (so hanging around on LJ probably not a good idea.. boo)
I went walking again this morning and we jogged a bit. Didn't see Lise though. She had an app. in the morning and didn't want to miss it &c. But jogging was still good.
The tires on my bike have been pumped up and I went riding yesterday (without a helmet!). My brakes are completely shot, but there's nothing I can do about that (same with helmet).
Tom Kooy came over last night, which was really nice. We had a bit of a chat, and it was just so good of him to think of me and come over! *feels good* Then I went over to Heather's, where we didn't study (although we intended to, Amazing Race wasn't on and that threw our scheduales out of whack). Later today I'm going to the UWA tav to celebrate St Pat's day. Matt O and Intan, Ben and Ian should be there. And I haven't seen M&I recently, so it'll be good to catch up with them.

I have a friend in Jap! Her name is Charis and she's into geeky stuff, MARS and karate and that stuff. And she's cool. We're going on the MCU excellent adventure on Wednesday and she invited me to attend a LAN afterwards. Which should be cool. I've never been on a LAN before! But I have a friend!!! YAY!
*heh heh*
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